Monday, September 26, 2011

Hi all!
Swatches and things will be coming soon- I wanted to check in and quickly remind you that I do have a Perfume blog <---click it to read. I'm reminding you it exists because there are some cool Scents coming up indie this Halloween and I'll be- and have been doing posts on what I find and what I get. So to all of you who already read it THANKS! *waves*... and to all of you who have yet to check it out- You might want to give it a go. And I think I'll be adding a few Department store type perfumes too- but I have yet to toss any of those up. They'll be filler - because I really want to be pimping indie lol SOOoOoOOOoOooOOo If you do take a peek felel free to let me know what you think!
OH! I also opened up my etsy store- it's not a ton of stuff yet- but I'm adding new things slowly so you could also check me out here HellCatCosmo! <---clicky for awesomeness.
,br> Okay. That's all you get!
Beat it! Go! hahahaha
See you soon.

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