Monday, December 31, 2012

Whoa! It's 2013! (almost)

The world did end.... and you know this because I am actually posting on this blog *GASPS* I know. I am excited too.
I made you all a video -

-If you don't want to watch it I'll give you the basic message to the people who care to follow this blog... There will be at least a post a week on this blog! I know. Lofty goal. Okay, it's not for normal people- but for me it's a thing!

If you watch my youtube channel you'll be getting a couple videos a week! AND! AND! AND! Just to mess with myself there will also be a daily blog about god only knows what on my other blog fount RIGHT HERE!!!

Who knows? Maybe I'll finally do that Crow T. Robot makeup look that I've been avoiding!Let us all dream together!

Okay, so (not unlike my youtube) I will be taking theme requests! And whatever else too!!!!!

Hope I didn't lose all of you- and I also hope none of you had heart failure at the sight of this post.

Tits my loverlies!


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