Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fyrinnae haul (my first!)

I came. I ordered. I waited...waited a little more (not too bad considering they had a sudden mass of orders that week) I received! I opened! I REJOICED!!! yaaaay

^check that sexy paper hahaha click all pictures for full image

As this was my first order, I was weary of getting my hopes up too high. The hype on the Pixie Epoxy alone gave me the heebie geebies (both good and bad ones,) I did my usual google searches and youtube haunts seeing what there was to see. I didn't see anything bad enough not to give it a try. I am no where near disappointed.

It came packed fort knox style (took me ten minutes to get into it hahaha) in a Standard plastic padded envelope plastered in clear tape (love that,) items where in a fold of cardboard, wrapped in a bag, inside some SUPER cute skull and crossbones tissue paper (epoxy came double wrapped in foamy wrap inside of all that!) Safe to say the thing was bomb proof.

Color Breakdown according to Robin:
(Top row left to right. Bottom row left to right)
  • Electric Stardust(arcane magic): This color is easily in my top 8... heh heh. The color is more mermaid than I've ever seen... bright light cool green shifts to a Cool bright blue with gold iridescence. This color seems to make it's own light- Great lid/highlight color.
  • Glitter Boi (arcane magic): A dark blue/black base (but not that sort of thing where it looks like a black with glitter floating in it) With tiny glitter that shit from blue to purple. So sparkly!
  • We're all mad here (alice in wonderland collection): Love the name . The color is what made me want to make this order in the first place. When I first went on to make an order it was nowhere to be found- I thought I'd missed it. I was gutted. A week later I looked again and it was back! I ordered that night. It's a plush light green stuffed with light yellow (I'd call it) sparkle.
  • Dressed to kill: Did they make this color because of Eddie Izzard? Because this reminds me of him! I can't put my finger on why- but it also shares the name of one of his comedy specials. HUGE Izzard fan! HUGE fan of this color. (Sirvinya did a look on youtube with this color that I think shows EXACTLY what this color looks like. Seek it out!) This one is in my top three!
  • Velvet Vampire (arcane magic):I'm a little sick of vampires at this point... but this color is great! So wearable and yet still totally sexy. Shifts from an almost burgundy red to a plummy brown? With pink and gold iridescence -only in some lights! SO complex! The most fun to play with under a lamp. hahahaha I can't wait to wear it this fall!
  • Rapunzel had extensions: Crazy color. Also one of my favorites- I've warn it twice and I've only had these for two days! hahaha Once in a pinup sort of eye- and once as a lid color against a darker crease - It's a peachy pink that rubs down to a peachy gold- never seen anything like it.
  • Mephisto (halloween 2009): This one is my number one favorite color... possibly ever. It was an after thought when I was making the order- it was something I added at the last moment not expecting much more than a nice dark cranberry kinda color. No big whop. Wholly crap. When I opened these I was FLOORED by this color.. swatched it and I thought I was going to die. (I get drama like that over makeup sometimes hahaha) It's like this intense deep purple with like burgundy pearly sparkle type thing... ugh. magic.
  • Dokkalfar (freebie):This one is nice. I like it- I have something like it in my sample drawer but this one is far superior to the other. this over pixie epoxy is CRAZYNESS. It's a true dark black base with ...I want to say it has green/gold/blueish tiny glitter - SO nice!
  • Enchant (glow blush): I got this because... I had to! Look at it lol It's this bright warm orange with slight bits of pink shimmer. Not a ton. I hate shimmer in my blush... and I really love this blush. (if you want swatches or anything let me know)

^close up, artificial light (see above photo for names, they're in the same order here)

The pixie epoxy is everything everyone said it would be. No scent = awesome! Staying power is great. I did have to fiddle a bit with it to get it to work how I wanted but when I did I didn't know how I ever lived without it. I love glitter FAR too much to had never given this a whirl before now.

^ artificial light (over pixie epoxy:top row LtoR (mephisto,electric stardust, glitter boi, dokkalfar) Bottom row LtoR (We're all mad here, velvet vampire, Rapunzel had extensions, Dressed to kill)

^ partial Natural light (over pixie epoxy)Check out those color shifts! I love love love these!

Misc. Info:
Samples come on jars and are $2.00 us each.
Every order comes with a free sample (a little smaller in volume as the 2.00 sample jars)
Free shipping on orders over $20.00 us.
Shipping time will vary
from time to time due to the minimal employee count (two people these days) - longer shipping times are a trade off for their huge samples due to the low overhead. Sweet.
If you have any questions they are butt fast at getting back with you and pride themselves on their customer service.
Read the site. Don't just blindly buy. They are a well of information- they're chalk full of NASA goodness and interesting facts. The details on every color are great. The photos are as close as you'd expect anyone to get. If you read a description, you wont be surprised by a color- you'll be shocked! hahaha but not surprised.

Final thoughts thus far :

I love that I have the ability to try this stuff and play with it a million ways and swatch to my little hearts content without feeling like I've wasted an opportunity to fall in love with & commit to a new color/product. I am fully aware that not every company- and in fact vary few small companies can afford to do it up like Fyrinnae can- But boy am I happy that this company can. I had a great experience with this site. I just did. I could log into the site and check the progress of my package -which I need because I'm crazy and want updates!- I'll be buying from them again without a doubt! Check them out :)

Any questions or comments are welcome. Annoy me freely hahaha
Thanks for reading it.

Tits, Robin


  1. First I have to say your blog name is fantastic lol. Second Rapunzel Had Extensions is such an awesome color, and you picked a lot of nice colors....and some that I need to order next now thanks to your swatches, great first order. :)

  2. Thanks for the swatches, they are really great.
    Like the style of your blog! Hope you'll continue it !
    Grazie mille per tutti, alla prossima!

  3. Thanks! I'll do my best to keep this one going strong :)

    Glad the swatches are helpful!