Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ugh. That video. Good Gawd almighty. hahahaha why bottle up shame when you can POST it to the internet! Woot. Yeah, so this is where I'm going to post some shots of the makeup- I really love the stuff. Great price- Great product- just really great. Great. So are the samples I have. It's hard to take a really good picture of the glitter and shine of the liners but at such a great price you can go ahead and buy them- just get them and then tell everyone that I made you do it. And tell them to watch my videos... and subscribe...and don't forget my blog and twitter. Ahem, Okay! Here we go!

With flash And the liners are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to take a picture of . Which is awesome :) So swatches will be attempted further if you ask for them.

Sorry about the rushed feel- I'm rushing. :)

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