Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July look! Using Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, and Kryolan.

Hello! I decided this will be a great way for me to get back into blogging regularly. This is a little faster than a review and I get to play with new looks. All fun good times!

Yesterday I got the Kryolan uv neon pallet that I've wanted to get for millions of years- And so I had to use it in the look today! I know that I JUST did a blue liner look- but this one is 1.patriotic and 2.using Kryolan and not Sugarpill this time...and then I used it again for my lid. Point is I forgive me. ON WITH THE LOOK!

First I laid down the some faced shadow insurance on my lids all the way up to the brow. Next I took added a layer of Wet'n Wild's Brulee shadow all over the lid and up to the brow (makes the matte shadows easier to blend- you could also use your face powder.) Then I took a NYX jumbo pencil in black bean and dabbed my finger onto the tip and, using a tapping motion, blended it lightly onto the outer corner of my lid- tiny tiny amount- it should just look like a slight shadow- not a black spot. This is just to help deepen and define the crease and add a little dimension to everything.

Now on to the colors! Next I took Sugarpill pressed shadow in Love+ and LIGHTLY tap a small fluffy brush onto the shadow (SO pigmented) and starting at the outer corner, blend it across just under my brow bone and softly upward. Don't worry about it being too sheer because after you blend it out so that you have a nice edge you can go back in, a little at a time and build the color as deep as you like it. If the edge got a little hard on you - or a little too red you can blend some Brulee over them to soften it all up.

Okay, now I took the same small fluffy brush (because there should be little to no red left on the brush after blending) and blended Sugarpills loose Chromalust in Royal Sugar just under the red and into the outer corner of the lid. As with the red, go slowly. Tiny bit at a time and then tap/lightly pack the shadow where you want to deepen the color.

Now, if you want to go full on -over the top- 4th of July you can add white to your lid and highlight... I decided against it. I don't have a great white shadow and I wanted it to be a little more interesting. For the lid I used Fyrinnae loose shadow in Rapunzel had extensions. This is a beautiful color. In the pot it looks peach and applied it puts a lovely was of warm soft gold. I patted it onto the lid and blended it a tiny bit into the blue. I also used a tiny bit under my brow- just to punch up my brow highlight.

The liner! Which will glow under black light :D Is UV Blue from Kryolan. Now, because this is not the most eye safe product in the world, I like to leave a tiny gap between the paint and my lash line. Trust me, you wont notice by the time you're done. Draw your wing (or which ever type you prefer) and reapply a second coat if need be. I also took a little Fyrinnae pixie epoxy and mixed in some blue eye safe glitter (from TKB trading) and patted a little over the liner. Next I filled in that tiny gap with a tiny thin line of Maybelline's lash stiletto in black- just to fill the gap and define my lash line a touch. I also like to run that line under my colored wind to make the shape look more finished and defined.

Black liner into the bottom lash line and blend it with finger. Follow that up with a little Royal Sugar and blend just a tiny bit of Love+ under that and slightly into the blue. White NYX jumbo pencil on the bottom waterline to make the eyes pop. Curl lashed and apply mascara. Optional false lashes(I skipped them)and you're done!

What was used;

Hard candy Sheer Envy ultra light face primer
Revlon Custom Creations in light/medium
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer & treatment in Medium
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Hot Flash

Two Face Shadow Insurance
Wet'n Wild single shadow in Brulee
NYX Jumbo in BlackBean
Surarpill Love+
Sugarpill Royal Sugar
NYX Jumbo in Milk
Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extentions
Maybelline line stiletto black
L'OREAL double extend in Black

NYX lip liner in Purple Rain
Elf super glossy shine SPF15 in Strawberry

That seems like a million steps but I really like the outcome. Hope you do too!
Requests? Comments? Wanna play Canasta? Let me know!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sugarpill: Pinup look using Royal Sugar & Goldilux

I've never done this kind of post before, but when I decided to play with my royal sugar I just fell in love with this. It's incredibly wearable- while still being sparkily and true to what/who (I think) Sugarpill is made for.

I used the same brown shadow I use for my brows on the outer edge of the eye and blended it into the crease - just to make a bit of a shadow to darken the blue. I then took Brulee eye shadow and cleaned up around the area and further blend out the brown. I also used it as my highlight. I took Royal Sugar, dry on a small fluffy brush and blended that over the brown. Tiny bits at a time- building it over the brown and up to just below the brow bone. I took brulee again and put a thin layer onto my lid and followed it up with Goldilux, dry on a small fluffy brush. Again small amounts - building the color until you get the desired shimmer. I took whatever was left over and blended it onto my brow bone. With a small pencil brush I applied royal sugar to the lower last line, about two thirds of the way. The take the same brush and smudge some Goldilux from the inner corner, blending into the and slightly under the blue.

To line the eye I took a liner medium and made a wet paste with royal sugar and lined it a little at a time- stopping to pat small amounts of the dry on top of the line to add sparkle and soak up any extra moisture. Then I took a black liner and lined only the lashline and underside of the wing.

Close up in an attempt to show the super thin double line I used against the lashes and to define the underside of the wing.My lashes are WAY too thin to go with the blue alone- and this line would be great to hide a lash band if you decide to use them.

What was used;

Hard candy Sheer Envy ultra light face primer
Revlon Custom Creations in light/medium
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer & treatment in Medium

Two face shadow insurance.
Basic med brown shadow (any)
Wetn'wild single shadow in Brulee
Sugarpill Royal sugar
Any liner medium
Sugarpill Goldilux
Maybelline line stiletto
L'OREAL double extend in Black

Lips-NYX lip liner in Purple rain under Hard Candy lipstick in Party girl.

So that's it! Hope you liked it. Feedback is always welcome- as are questions.


-Robin aka MovieTrollop

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