Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking the seal: My first youtube video.

Do Over!

Got crazy there. Has settled enough to get back to it! What's it? Well, I wrote a long time ago and was getting kinda "known" ... sadly, that was a long time ago and now I'm starting from scratch and trying to please a new demographic! Daunt'tastic! I'm going to start with a little bit of mineral shadow review madness and see where I end up. If you happen across this- Please fallow- I get lonely. As you do find me I'd love to know whats going on in your head so shoot me a comment or stop by my twitter and I'll be starting up that youtube in all my puffy baby weight glory in the next couple few here. When I do I'll chuck it on here to let you know. It's weird talking to potential people, who do not know as of yet that you are, in point of fact, drawing breath.