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High Voltage Review! (now with important Edit)

EDIT: This is a non issue at this point- but they have disappeared and taken people's money and trust with them. Sad news. I'm leaving this up because some of the shadows are still floating around and being traded and whatnot so the swatches still seem relevant. There are TONS of indie companies I trust and love and I hope none of you let one or two bad apples spoil your indie makeup experience. Indie is gooood. Great even! The products from High Voltage were good products... but the one who was running everything was not the best at it. Shit happens. Stay tuned for more great indie swatch slutting from me and others in the future. Thanks!

Got a packet of skull and crossbone sweet tarts on my lap, a horror flick popped in my dvd and a song in my heart... oh yeah, and my HIGH VOLTAGE cosmetics order came in!
(woot sound here)

Click any of these pictures for a full view.

Let me start by giving you a Quick Rundown of the Site. It's easy to navigate and updated every couple of days lately. Not a ton of frills and show, but not completely lacking it either. Gets the job done, which is leaps and bounds above many of the independent cosmetic sites that have launched in the last five or so years. Best way to keep updated on product availability and new items is by following them on Twitter, which I will link you to right here.

Okay, First Impressions when I received my package was nothing all that spectacular. Manila envelope, handwritten address...bla bla bla Like the website, gets the job done.

Packaging: The jars that they come in are great. Nice tight seal- Which I LOVE- Only one of my labels (bottom) had a gram weight 1.5 grams & full ingredients on each (love.) I think it's safe to assume that is what you are going to get in all the jars- no sifter (yay.) Mine didn't come with the cute little logo sticker that they do now- so take note that they have cute little logo stickers on the tops of the jars now. SO cute too btw.

I ordered three (buy two get one free 1st anniversary sale) and they came wrapped in the little orange thing they are sitting on like a big piece of candy (yay candy! hahaha) I was a little bummed because there were no free samples- I'm spoiled I guess lol- I kinda feel like if I can't walk up to a counter and see them, I have a hard time selecting a color from (usually) hit & miss swatches. So getting a sample, even a tiny one-use type of sample, helps me tons. They do include samples of new colors and collections that come out but there's no telling when one might pop into your order. You can however, buy samples for a dollar a piece- not sure how they come as I didn't order any- which I now kinda regret.

Color Rundown:

Born to rock: This one is my favorite of the three. In the jar it looks like a warm purple gray, with slight green shimmer. When swatched it's more of a gray with a crazy green cast... almost like the color has it's own aura. The photo shows it pretty true to life here. It does not like pixie epoxy as much as I thought it would. It's really a cool color to lay with- I used it for a gray smokey and the way you can blend it out to mostly shimmer makes it perfect for it! This and a base- blend out the edges- done. So pretty! And it works perfectly with nyx glitter liner in "disco queen"... sooo pretty. LOVE it. May need to pick up a backup jar.


Gypsy Queen: I expected something warm. Hence the side by side swatch below- Just to show you that it's a dark cool brown with cool light gold shimmer.When swatched I see some deep purple tones in it. I used this to darken my crease and lay down a base color for the nyx swatch and it was really great! I did not have anything like this because when I ordered I had much lighter hair- Which I love because it works so well on me now. Not what I thought it would be, but it turned out great. Swatch below is pretty dead on.


This last one was my freebie. When they have these sales you add the two to your card and put any freebies in comments at checkout. I asked her to just toss in a color she thinks I'd need (because I'd spoken to her over twitter) and she did!

On the Prowl: is a true mid tone bright purple with pink and purple(?) shimmer. When I opened it I thought, that looks a lot like Grape Pop from tkb... than I pulled it out to crosscheck and was excited to swatch side by side- it's like the matte best friend of grape pop! I was jazzed. I do love that color- This will be used.

Final thoughts. Full size shadows run between 3.50 and around six bucks. Jars packed to the tippy top and they don't leak all up inside your package. Shipping is super cheap. Everything came packaged well- see above "gets the job done" because it's still true. I really like these- I will be ordering again in the future. I'm eyeballing her lip whips and those solid fragrances they have. I would have liked a free sample, (maybe of something that needs a boost in sales?) I would have liked a buisness card or two because I give them out to people who ask whats on my eyes. Other than that I was really impressed. The costumer service is great- Hella nice chick. Love chatting with her, but if I didn't end up liking her shadows I would tell you. I'm honest like that.

Should you check out the site? Without a doubt. And the shipping and full size shadow/sample is low enough to get a couple few colors to try before committing to a huge order- which I love because I am so often broke - worth trying. Let me know what you got and what you thought! I'd love to hear from you! Also, follow me on twitter and I have a youtube that you are more than welcome to check out. I'm new to youtube though so be gentle hahaha. Oh! And I paid for all this stuffs. Duh, but it had to be said.

Alright! Comments and questions Welcome!
Thanks ya'll!

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