Sunday, August 7, 2011

July Favorites Video.... Yeah it's late.

Here we go! Took me a few days to get it edited to where I could manage the hellish upload. Watch it and love it. And if you don't want to do those things just know that the normal blog posts will be back soonish YAY. :D

Thanks for checking me out.



  1. Nice hat! :P I'm a total Batman nerd!

    I hate going into B&BW too! Hahaha, it's awful. Total headache, though they've never tried to touch me before. :P

    Sorry to hear about the NYX liners though. Kind of glad that I didn't jump for them as I'd really wanted to do. :/ But at least the Glitter Bombs are giving you what you wanted, right? Meh.

    I like your goofiness in your videos, it's adorable!

  2. Batman rules. hahaha
    I was bummed about the nyx stuff- I wanted it to be awesome and it just... ew. lol I think I may have to pick up a couple more geek chic glitters-They'e just so petty.

    Glad you're enjoying my awkwardness XD and Thanks!!