Monday, November 15, 2010

HiFi Cosmetics Review (First crack at them!)

They're coming to get you Baaawwwbrrraaahhh...

Alllllrighty. Let me start out by saying that I paid for these myself, but it was a sample pack for bloggers so I got to try a couple out to really be able to give a fair honest review of the shadows over all. I picked five colors with no guarantee that I'd get them, and yay! I received all the colors I asked for. Awesome.

I had heard of Hifi cosmetics before while dotting from blog to blog- I had even been to their Etsy store and stalked them from afar. When I had finally decided to try them out I got lost in color! There are so many gorgeous colors- wholly crap. When I found the sample option I was THRILLED because my broke ass was only going to be able to pick up maybe two of the shadows (the price is right at 6.00 a jar but I B PO) and I don't love being able to show you vary few colors. It almost feels like a waist of your time, and had I waited until I could buy a few of them for review it would be sometime next year and that is just shinnagins. SO! Without further wasting your time ... I give you... the GOODS!

All correspondence was fast and easy. No surprises. Thumbs up. (both to esty and to Hifi) Only real problem is the huge selection- which is less of a problem and more of a personal issue because I have a burning case of WANT.

Packing and Shipping:
Shipping rates are great. 1.50 + .50 per additional item. Beans.
Came to me fast, I can say that. What I can't say is how they would have come packed had I ordered a full jar. My samples were in baggies. Look for my future Hifi posts for this information.

Colors(the goooood stuff):
Note: I put all my samples in jars when I got them home. Pictures of jars were taken on top of the baggies they came in.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll (Rockstar collection):
This color is a lot more purple than it looks on the site, however I have noticed that it can look bluer in certain light. The sparkle is pink and maybe some blue- it's really pretty. I've used it a few times now and I just love it. It's great over Pixie Epoxy and without PE can be built up to a medium light coverage. This one I love over a black base. SO pretty.

This is Halloween (Nightmare 2010 collection):
I was SO excited about this one. I have a weakness for Halloween anything and if it's Halloween colors with glitter, are you kidding? I'm all over it. This is a flat true black base with orange glitter. Tiny orange glitter and slightly bigger orange glitter. I like it. I like the look I get when I use it. You MUST use a sticky base or you'll be covered in orange glitter fallout. I only use it with PE because I couldn't find anything else that makes the glitter really stick. There will still be glitter fallout, but it's not as bad. After about four hours I didn't have much glitter left. Bummer.

Omen (Nightmare 2010 collection):
This one is tough to explain...a wine/plummy/silvery/taupe with like silver sparkleishness... in my pics it looks more like a plummy brown but that's not what this is. I found this to be really fun to work with. It changes to suit what you're using it for- I swear, it just performs somehow and makes everything better! So weird. Completely fun and Completely wearable. It's over the top AND work safe. It's slightly sheer but blends out great. Love it.

Fan Mail (Rockstar collection):
This is a really lovely green with a ton of gold micro sparkle. Yeah, micro sparkle. Shut up. haha It's really pretty. Semi sheer. Great over a base. I like it. I wear it. It's not So unique that I'd tell you to run out and get it - that said, It's really a pretty color and if you've not got anything like it you'd do well to pick it up. It's lovely over a base. All good stuff.

Lost and Lonely (The Labyrinth Collection):
This could be my favorite of the bunch. It looks really similar to another color I have from HighVoltage cosmetics but this one is a tick more sheer and has a pink sparkle to it.(I would have added a photo but I misplaced a jar while cleaning) I love them both but this one is a little easier to work with over bases and with PE and things like that. On the site it looks a little more light blue than in person, other than that the color is true- the shift is definitely there. And it's in the effing Labyrinth Collection which makes my butt parts really really happy. My butt parts are well pleased.

In Summation:
I really liked these. I used them over and over again and really like the formula. They stick well even without anything to stick to (as much as a loose shadow can) and the lasting power was really good. I'll be placing orders in future, without question. I would, and have recommended it. I've gotten complements which is always really nice. The costumer service is really great. Great blog to go with it. I like it when you can ask an actual person and actual question and I find that HiFi is really good at that. I got extra buisness cards- love that! I've handed out a couple. Don't know if they give them out with every order though. Should have asked. HA!

Great stuff. Wonderful stuff. Try it out and tell me what you think! Have a color that is a MUST try? Let me know! What more pictures of what I have? Let me know and I'll do my best to help you out! Questions? Comments? Wanna be happy butt buddies? SURE! Send them along! Let me know!

Have a great day!


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