Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shits and Giggles Abound

I'm starting a blog. Yeah, about five years after it became a popular thing to do... so I guess I am bad at the nets. Still, I think it's about time I start one seeing as my blogs have been taken over by ex boyfriends and assholes. The same- but different? Anyway, point is we are here now... and you are mine to corrupt and/or educate on the finer points of my brain and whatever else crosses my desk.

A little bit about me:

I'm 26 years old. Female. My name is Robin but MT might be a better option- though I sign everything I write with the word "tits". Please make a not not to call me tits if your comment is actually containing actual or references to tits. My brain is very small and may es'plode.

I have a cat or three and a dog or two - I've had every pet known to man because I was one of those weird home schooled kids with way too much time on her hands. You don't need friends when you can buy pets and action figures. I collect ... well, I just collect. I have many collections- which I think brings us back to the weird home school kid thing again. I've had a couple of careers- none of them awesome or smart enough to make note of at this point, and I am currently doing hair. Scratch that. I am, as of right now, doing the hair of the elderly because I am still in school.

I might say something funny. I might not. Might bitch a lot about nothing. Might post a video or two to entertain myself and possibly you (bonus!.)

I think that brings us up to speed. Cool Beans.

MT tits.

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